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Real Estate valuation

One of the services of “SKEP” is the “Evaluation of Real Estate Properties”. “SKEP sh.p.k” prepares reports of Real Estate Appraisal on the basis of requirements of credit institutions, buyers, international organizations, courts or prosecutors, the parties to a lawsuit, the Registered Office of Real Estate, Real Estate Agencies, and Partners in Trade Associations, Insurance Companies etc.

Finance, Accounting, Taxes

“SKEP sh.p.k” provides accounting services for small businesses, SME and large businesses. “SKEP sh.p.k” provides Bookkeeping, Fiscal Statements, Financial Statements and analysis, Various Payment, Registration of Businesses, Financial Advice, keeps evidence for Employees (contracts, vacations, decisions, etc. according to the Labor Law), etc. It also provides a large experience in accounting and finance for companies. “SKEP sh.p.k” works with best accounting programs which provide accurate information at all times.

Management, Financial Administration

“SKEP sh.p.k” provides audit services to its customers while at the same time giving valuable advice regarding the various issues and processes that enhance the effectiveness and profitability of the company. Our specialists are experienced in audit industry and have specific knowledge, and act according to a model based on risk assessment that enables them a better understanding about client’s business and its internal controls.

About Us

The story of “SKEP LTD” began with its founding in Tirana, in 25.10.2005, by decision of the Court of Tirana, number 34 299, dated in 12.04.2005. The executive director and legal representative of the company is Mr. Erton Kaleshi, with a multi-year expertise in finance, accounting, tax, financial management and administration, and real estate appraisal. Throughout, these seven years “SKEP LTD” has passed successfully all stages of growth and sustainability as a financial consulting, audit and real estate valuation company. The core services offered by the company are related with financial and legal advice, accounting, taxes, auditing and valuation of properties. The company is able to offer flexible and appropriate solutions to problems, as for Large Businesses, SME and Small Businesses.


    We understand the value you need to add in your business.
    Our values:
    1. Professional behavior;
    2. Confidentiality of information;
    3. Clients’ interests before everything;
    4. Cost – profitability in relationships with customers;
    5. Maintaining the integrity of information in its objectives;
    6. Ensuring impartiality;
    7. Ensuring transparency in presenting the results.

  • Mission

    “SKEP LTD” has the mission to provide the best and effectively solutions in accounting, taxation, auditing and evaluation of assets, aiming the satisfaction of its customers.

  • Activity object

    • Providing tax advice;
    • Providing specialized financial and accounting services;
    • Provide specialized tax services;
    • Expertise in promotion, organization and administration of tax systems;
    • Assessment of real estate and other movable assets, goods and services;
    • Advice and financial assistance, studies and consultancy for market entry;
    • Evaluation of real estate, such as civil and public buildings, apartments, various industrial and technological constructions and different properties, not included in the estate assets, such as machinery and equipment, vehicles, and other venture of factories.

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